Animation: GMO labeling?

So my first ever animation was just released.

I am pretty jazzed because I literally opened After Effects for the first time last Monday and completed this on the Friday.  So it’s not quite pixar quality yet but by keeping it simple, I think I can tell some good stories in this medium.

If you dig the video or the message, please share it around.

  • Perry De Jesus

    Very much liked your short animation on Prop 37 . Your choice of medium worked out fine.
    Nice touch with the After Effects ! More important is the message. Can’t agree more with you on
    That. Keep up the Good Work !
    P.S. if you have any tips for me for After Effects , please let me know .


  • uv

    Great stuff! But can you please list your sources, especially for the statistic that 9 out of 10 Americans want GMO food to be labeled? I trust your integrity and accuracy, but if I’m going to be repeating this information to others, I’d like to be able to cite a better source than “some YouTube video”. 🙂

    • There are a bunch of sources for that one,

      • uv

        A year later, but thank you!