Bartering design services (for the post-apocalypse)

My son Forest is 6 and enjoys archery lessons from a local coach in town.  While talking to his coach I mentioned I was a graphic designer and he mentioned that he needed a logo and some apparel created.  It just so happened that Forest needed a new recurve bow so a straight up trade was a made.  One logo for one recurve bow.  The bow was $150 and this is NOT what I would charge normal clients for a logo but factor in the local discount and I was up for the challenge.  I had never bartered design services for a physical item before so I wanted to experience that.  In case.., you know… the monetary system collapses and I have put my design skills to use in the post-apoaclypse, I wanted to see what they were worth.

I also wanted an excuse to test out, a design feedback community, founded by my colleague, Damain.

I like my logos to pack a lot of meaning and depth.  I already had the idea to use the rings of a tree cross-section to represent an archery target, and an bullseyed arrow could be pointing “north”.  Actually visualizing the name is the best you can hope for in a logo.  Here was my first attempt.


I submitted it to and got some quality and actionable feedback from several people.


I made the recommended changes and uploaded another version for round two.  The circle icons below are where on the graphic people have left feedback, a super handy feature for getting at those details.



At this point I considered the design final and decided to use my 3rd and final revision to get feed back on some colorways.



I received another three comments on the colorways and presented the finals to the client who was quiet pleased.  While I normally would not do a logo for $150 I wanted the opportunity to work with(for) someone so far outside of my design startup circle.  Forest’s archery coach did not even know how to use a computer and request the file on “tape”, not joking.  The whole process only took a few hours and it felt good not having to pay money for something for a change.  Thanks to ol daddy’s design skills, Forest is hitting more bullseyes.

Watch out zombies!