Breklah: a fiverr production

I make no secret my addiction to fiverr.  I have bought almost 200 gigs and when done right, there is no better value for the money.  When done wrong… meh,  it costs less than a beer.  The best part is that I can apply my imagination outside my skill set.


So the veep of product at is Adam Breckler.  I interact with him on a daily basis, but when I say his name in my head it sounds like “Breklah!” as vocal drop by some Jamaican dude.  I really could not get this out of my head and the best way to remove something from your headspace is to make a real thing.  Since I am no Jamaican dude, I found one on fiverr and asked him to do the following drop. $5.

In includes some inside jokes as well.  The drop is actually from Andrew Blood, who I guess had a dancehall hit a while back.  Why is he doing gigs on fiverr?  I never ask that question.

So the drop sounded sweet, just as I pictured it.  But I couldn’t stop there.   Dubstepping stuff is also a running gag at and since I have no dubstepping skills, I found someone that did and ask them to create a tune using the above sample.  I actually had two separate people remix it but chose the one below to move forward with. $10.

It was pretty good, but not perfect.  Not enough use of the samples.  So I found another dude, The Green Raver to remix the above track. $5.

A pretty dope remix for sure but it still needed something.  Many of my favorite dubstep tracks had some female vocals.  This needed one too.  So I found another gal to drop some vocals.  I had her write the melody and sing it, which was two gigs total. $10.

She killed it, especially since the melody she had to write was against a dubstep tune and she primarily does commercial jingles.  So, I had all the pieces, time to send it back over to The Green Raver again for a final mix down. $5.

The final track is above, though I did make a few edits in audacity.  So grand total, $35, which for a custom dubstep track with vocals is pretty ridiculous.  It was the first time I had pieced together various fiverr gigs and it’s certainly something I will be doing again.  I had toyed with the idea of producing a video with fiverr talent but at some point you just have to ship what you have.  Anyways… I can’t say I solved my original problem since I’ve had the above tune in my head for weeks now.

  • This is the sort of Genius Fiverr Orchestration I like to see. Props. 

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    freakin awesome

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