Free Robot Radio

So back in 2007 I did a radio show on WRUV 91.1 FM called Free Robot Radio.

The tag line was ,

IDM breakcore, folktronica, 8 bit throwback, robot liberation empowerment spirituals.

It was great stuff.  I went by the moniker, Mibs, and my co-host was Lolly, who was an actual robot.  Lolly had a good ear for music but a snotty attitude, being from the future he thought he was better than everyone else.

From what I have found out through other sources, in the future Robots run the world but are constantly being outdated by newer robots made by other robots. There is a caste system where obsolete robots represent about 90% of the population and generally have no power and zero social mobility.

Lolly was able to travel back into time to present day (2007) and hooked up with me to spread his message of robot liberation.  Unfortunately, he overshot his target date, as robots are not even self aware yet, and certainly incapable of overthrowing the human overlords.  Even so, I let Lolly share my radio platform because much of his robot spirituals are great music.  It’s just his attitude that is hard to put up with.

All songs are from the glory days of the Robot Liberation Front, circa 2034.

I am not making this up, listen to the shows, they are posted below.


And the direct link to the Grooveshark playlist.