Kenny Boy Mims – Ashitaka

I have decided to release some of my audio/video work under the moniker Kenny Boy Mims.  This is the first.  After being inspirited by the supremely talented Pogo I wanted to try my hand at what he does.  There are many Pogo-tributes out there but I wanted to do something better.. or at least try.

I chose Princess Mononoke as it is one of my favorite animes, but I quickly discovered why Pogo chooses so many music movies as his source material.  Princess Mononoke has no singing and very little isolated sounds, as there seems to be a river, crowd or other background noise in ever scene.  Regardless, I samples and fixed all the sounds in Adobe Audition, then composed it in Ableton Live 9.  It was my first experience with Ableton and I also wanted to learn that software, which I feel rather comfortable with now.  I couldn’t get any clean bass tones from the movie so I enlisted my friend Mike from Glass the Sky to lay down a nice bassline.

The video was composed in Adobe Premiere Pro and turned out really well I think.  Please enjoy in 1080p!

Ashitaka – Kenny Boy Mims (Pogo Tribute) from Kenny Boy Mims on Vimeo.

  • shaleen kessler

    Not sure if you will get this, reference your Death and Taxes FY 2015 poster…

    Friends and I were admiring the poster and thought that it would be amazing if someone could create a interactive program in which users could manipulate the budget themselves using the same format…can you imagine the different budget proposals and ideas especially among our future leaders (you know those in college)? A program like this would allow everyday citizens to be connect (feel connected) to the “process”. Not sure if this idea has ever been considered, but I thought I would suggest it to find out if it is even possible?

    Thanks so much…

    • You should talk to the folks at they ‘run’ the poster now.

  • Nathaniel Solomon

    HI Jess,
    Forgive me if this comment is off topic. I have produced 12 different 18 x 24 in. posters 250 each off my own paintings over the last 12 years. I am thinking about fulfillment centers. Any recommendation on the service.