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In the unending quest for viral graphics I had the idea to compare movie ratings across trilogies.  This is not a new idea, and has been done before, but it’s a great idea, and worth exploring yet again with a different angle.  IMDB is a goldmine of data and one angle I thought was interesting was the difference between the composite critics rating and the average user rating.  Did viewers agree with critics?  Where was the gulf the widest?  A survey of the top movie trilogies would surely surface some insights.  But that alone is not enough for virality, like I said, its been done before.

I wanted to bring a visual element to the graphic.. a custom touch.  I had worked with a pixel artist, Eloy, before and knew his style would be perfect for what I envisioned.  As I have many jobs to do as Creative Director at, I always ‘dogfood‘ our own product as it saves time and headaches.  I started a project in our marketplace and brought in a journalist who could collect the data.  Normally on these marketing graphics we would source a designer from our own pool of certified talent but since I already had a designer on board, I only made use of’s journalist talent and the efficiency of the project center itself to get this graphic to completion in record time.

I love the result.  Eloy’s characters are wonderful and I regret not being able to use them at full resolution.  Below is the one trilogy I wasn’t able to include in the graphic as there was no acceptable critics score available.  Can you guess which trilogy it is?



The rest of the design, besides the characters, was done by myself, and my compatriot Drew came up with the title.

[Link to larger version]


Movies So Nice They Made Them Thrice

by jess.
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