Originally posted at visual.ly Ten years ago, I created the first in what would become a hugely popular series of annual visualizations of the federal budget, “Death and Taxes.” It was, in retrospect, garbage: There was no reason for it to be anything but garbage. Unbalanced design; no attention to typography. Back then, I wasn’t a designer and I didn’t know anything about the federal government. (My day job was selling faux vintage bric-a-brac to identity deficient 20-somethings at Urban Outfitters.) It was 2004 and infographics wasn’t even a word. But if you can’t be the best at something, be the first. Prior to DeathRead More →

So much to people’s surprise, I have a teenage son and am charged with raising and guiding this boy into manhood.  As expected, it comes with all the cliched challenges your hear about and a second helping of ones you don’t. One thing I have learned is that there are lessons they won’t learn no matter how many times you repeat them.  Some of these lessons can be demonstrated, but some cannot.  That is where movies come in.  An impressionable 14 year old paired with movies that make an impression can seed the values of an confident and capable young man.  At least that isRead More →

I wasn’t planning on posting this, but since Brad made it public, I might as well.  FeldThoughts is a site I visit a few times a week.  One of few, so when the site design was radically altered (not for the better) I was a bit disappointed.  After I was able to filter out my irrational objections to change, I sent some annotated feedback to Brad. click for largeness   In short, the overall aesthetics are good.  The designer, J Cole Morrison has demonstrated some talent here for sure.  And while the enthusiasm in design is present, the focus is not.  I see this a lot.Read More →

This post originally appeared on the visual.ly blog. When I evaluate a designer for potential inclusion into the Visually Marketplace, I have very little time to assess their work and portfolio. Usually, fewer than 10 seconds. This may sound like far too short of a time to get a sense of someone’s work, but in most cases the decision is obvious. In less obvious cases, I work from the hierarchy below to see if they pass the test. I created this specifically for infographics, which is the medium we work in most — but it may apply to other design disciplines as well. As a designerRead More →

Originally appeared on the Visual.ly blog. Everyone wants their content to go viral. It’s the holy grail of marketing. It can turn companies and product into the talk of the town, even if they sell toiletries. The ROI on content with more than a million views is almost unmeasurable. So how do you make sure your content will go viral? The secret is simple. Be incredibly lucky. Luck is the third piece of the virality triumvirate and obviously the hardest to bank on. In fact, you cannot achieve true virality without it. With great content and powerful tactics you can certainly get millions of views on a consistentRead More →

I’m a big fan of Andrea Seabrook‘s work so it was really awesome that I got to do an interview with her for Decode DC. It’s about the Death and Taxes project.  I gotta say, it’s strange to here my voice in between someone’s as recognizable as Andreas.  How did I do? [soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/85330799″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]Read More →

As others have said, this is the “most depressing infographic ever,” but I don’t think its that bad.  Inspired and based on the Why Doctors Die article and Radio Lab podcast, this is my visual take on that material.  Coincidentally the production of this graphic was interrupted by my own father-in-law passing away from cancer.   In Search of a Sweet Death infographic by visually.  Read More →

Visual.ly just released this interactive that charts all the Female artists who have achieved a #1 album since 1985 http://visual.ly/number-one-ladies?view=true I was curious about how big the current pop stars are vs those my generation, like Madonna and such.  While the data isn’t in on the longevity of Beyonce, she is off to a good start.  Below is a capture of the interactive, Beyonce vs Madonna vs Alanis.Read More →