Originally appeared on the Visual.ly blog. Everyone wants their content to go viral. It’s the holy grail of marketing. It can turn companies and product into the talk of the town, even if they sell toiletries. The ROI on content with more than a million views is almost unmeasurable. So how do you make sure your content will go viral? The secret is simple. Be incredibly lucky. Luck is the third piece of the virality triumvirate and obviously the hardest to bank on. In fact, you cannot achieve true virality without it. With great content and powerful tactics you can certainly get millions of views on a consistentRead More →

  Part of my role as Creative Director at Visual.ly is to evaluate infographic designer candidates and make sure the best are members of our Marketplace. Mostly, this involves reviewing around 20 to 100 portfolios per week. After looking at thousands of portfolios this year, I have come up with somes tips for designers to stick to if they are looking to get the attention of a creative director. Your own domain vs hosted portfoio sites Having your own domain and website is an opportunity and a risk. It allows you to immediately show off any website design skills you may have and this should be required forRead More →

You know whats getting really annoying?  When some new startup comes out of beta and you signup, only to find it’s fledgling community is full of other startup people. It was annoying at Quora but if you get below the startup topsoil you can get some interesting questions answered.  But that is only IF you stick around long enough.  If you are in Silicon Valley and your startup solves Silicon Valley problems then by all means, launch to your target demo.  But If your demo is “normals” or middle America, why are you laying down a foundation of startups and techies? Case in point isRead More →

I’ve written a lot about infographics, virality and how the two are entwined.  I thought I would share some of that here. Back in July I gave a talk on how to make your infographics viral.  It mainly focused on some broad but essential practices but I also dived into the criticism of infographics and how to talk about them to critics.  I made a few attempts a humor as well. The slides from the talk are here, but they surely won’t make sense without the video. And if you are up for some reading I wrote a three parter on the key aspects of successfulRead More →

This is a topic I touched upon before, but I wanted to codify and expand upon it in a visual way. The gist is, in order for a visitor to your site to achieve a goal, you have to give them enough inertia in the sales process.  It sounds simple enough, but many so-called best practices encourage the visitor to skip the sales process and go directly to the uncomfortable “ask”.  Below I will diagram many of these cases, but first, let’s get a handle on this visualization. Sales: This is the sales copy, images, or anything else on the page that you are using to persuade the visitor.Read More →

  Let’s say you’re walking down the street.  Maybe you know where you’re going, maybe you are just out for a nice stroll in the park.  All of a sudden a person appears and tries to grab your attention.  They may be disheveled or in wingtips.  They may quietly hold out their hand or try to stop you in your tracks.  Either way, they are a stranger, they want something from you, and your guard is up. This stranger is your website. Imagine a physical manifestation of your homepage walked up to you and asked for $10.  Would you be taking out your wallet inRead More →