Let’s say you’re walking down the street.  Maybe you know where you’re going, maybe you are just out for a nice stroll in the park.  All of a sudden a person appears and tries to grab your attention.  They may be disheveled or in wingtips.  They may quietly hold out their hand or try to stop you in your tracks.  Either way, they are a stranger, they want something from you, and your guard is up. This stranger is your website. Imagine a physical manifestation of your homepage walked up to you and asked for $10.  Would you be taking out your wallet inRead More →

Paige is a pal, and BetterWorks is an interesting company.  When I went to the BetterWorks site a month ago I couldn’t help but notice that it’s a mess and not reflecting the potential of the company.  So I offered a design audit, gratis.  Below is some of the nuts and bolts. The numbers on the page refer to the comments below.  While this is primarily a design audit, I do touch on marketing, branding and product.  It’s all the same thing.   (click to see larger)   “Contact Sales”?  No one wants to talk to a sales person.  Try “Questions” because people do wantRead More →