Originally posted at visual.ly Ten years ago, I created the first in what would become a hugely popular series of annual visualizations of the federal budget, “Death and Taxes.” It was, in retrospect, garbage: There was no reason for it to be anything but garbage. Unbalanced design; no attention to typography. Back then, I wasn’t a designer and I didn’t know anything about the federal government. (My day job was selling faux vintage bric-a-brac to identity deficient 20-somethings at Urban Outfitters.) It was 2004 and infographics wasn’t even a word. But if you can’t be the best at something, be the first. Prior to DeathRead More →

As others have said, this is the “most depressing infographic ever,” but I don’t think its that bad.  Inspired and based on the Why Doctors Die article and Radio Lab podcast, this is my visual take on that material.  Coincidentally the production of this graphic was interrupted by my own father-in-law passing away from cancer.   In Search of a Sweet Death infographic by visually.  Read More →

So this graphic I did was initiated by Ron Conway and then swept up a whole bunch of other people, mainly Bloomberg and the gun policy folks at the mayors office.  They had some interesting data and the narrative fell into place from there.  A bit of a different style for me as I would normally use photos to depict people but I felt that the sketch/watercolor has more gravitas. What do you think?   Browse more data visualization.  Read More →