I’ve written a lot about infographics, virality and how the two are entwined.  I thought I would share some of that here. Back in July I gave a talk on how to make your infographics viral.  It mainly focused on some broad but essential practices but I also dived into the criticism of infographics and how to talk about them to critics.  I made a few attempts a humor as well. The slides from the talk are here, but they surely won’t make sense without the video. And if you are up for some reading I wrote a three parter on the key aspects of successfulRead More →

Pulled this out in about 4 hours or so right after the deal was announced.  Created in “mashable width” of 972px. On mashable and everywhere else.  People love super-topical infographica.  Cheers to Aleks et all for the research.Read More →