So I got a request to do a gig poster for a buddy’s band.  I actually started doing gig posters for my buddy’s previous band years ago, then went on to do posters for hundreds of other bands, but haven’t done one in years.  So I thought I would give it another go. Here is the poster (sans text).  The process and other links are below. The poster is 300dpi, here is the large image, be aware of imgurs compression. So here is the process, starting from the beginning. Agree to do the poster… listen to the bands music, read their bio.  Ok, so theyRead More →

This was a personal art project of mine.  Being a white suburban raised nerd, why did I do a piece on black history?  I’m not sure, but it was profoundly impactful to others. I did a few silk screen runs and sold out of both.  They look bad ass.  Someone was even inspired to mill the thing out of wood.  Read More →

This is the first artwork I ever created… digitally.  Why Rumsfeld?  I don’t know, I guess I was just inspired.  I’ve had a long and healthy relationship with photoshop ever since.Read More →