So back in 2007 I did a radio show on WRUV 91.1 FM called Free Robot Radio. The tag line was , IDM breakcore, folktronica, 8 bit throwback, robot liberation empowerment spirituals. It was great stuff.  I went by the moniker, Mibs, and my co-host was Lolly, who was an actual robot.  Lolly had a good ear for music but a snotty attitude, being from the future he thought he was better than everyone else. From what I have found out through other sources, in the future Robots run the world but are constantly being outdated by newer robots made by other robots. There is a caste system whereRead More →

This was a personal art project of mine.  Being a white suburban raised nerd, why did I do a piece on black history?  I’m not sure, but it was profoundly impactful to others. I did a few silk screen runs and sold out of both.  They look bad ass.  Someone was even inspired to mill the thing out of wood.  Read More →

This is the first artwork I ever created… digitally.  Why Rumsfeld?  I don’t know, I guess I was just inspired.  I’ve had a long and healthy relationship with photoshop ever since.Read More →

I am Jess Bachman.  You can find out a lot about me from google. There are three main themes to my life. Designer A self-taught Jess-of-all-trades designer,  I learn by doing.  I started designing posters for a friends band with a pirated version of Photoshop.  Then I did posters for other bands, hundreds of them.  Then data-viz posters and infographics, hundreds of them.  They were kinda popular.  After I helped aquire millions of users I joined as Creative Director.  I take pride in being really good at all flavors of design though I am most at home among the many layers of Photoshop (legalRead More →