I have decided to release some of my audio/video work under the moniker Kenny Boy Mims.  This is the first.  After being inspirited by the supremely talented Pogo I wanted to try my hand at what he does.  There are many Pogo-tributes out there but I wanted to do something better.. or at least try. I chose Princess Mononoke as it is one of my favorite animes, but I quickly discovered why Pogo chooses so many music movies as his source material.  Princess Mononoke has no singing and very little isolated sounds, as there seems to be a river, crowd or other background noise inRead More →

I make no secret my addiction to fiverr.  I have bought almost 200 gigs and when done right, there is no better value for the money.  When done wrong… meh,  it costs less than a beer.  The best part is that I can apply my imagination outside my skill set. Breklah! So the veep of product at Visual.ly is Adam Breckler.  I interact with him on a daily basis, but when I say his name in my head it sounds like “Breklah!” as vocal drop by some Jamaican dude.  I really could not get this out of my head and the best way to remove something fromRead More →

So I had this idea to honor and pay tribute to some of the people who have helped me along my journey…. turn them into trading cards!  There will be 50 in the set, though I suspect it will be another few decades before its finished. Here is the first one in the series, Xeni Jardin. Front: And back: And a side view: Xeni is an interesting case because I wouldn’t say I know her personally at all.  We have only had only shared a few emails over the years.  Still, there is no one (save my mom) that I credit more with my success.Read More →

How do you go about printing, shipping, and selling infographic posters?   I get this question a lot so I thought I would run down the nuts and bolts of the operation.  My process has changed and evolved over the years but this will get you started. Printing You want to make sure your poster is going to be a standard size.  This would be the size of frames you find at any hardware store or wallmart.  Custom framing is expensive so it helps to make the poster 11×17, 18×24, or 24×36. There are really only four options for printing. You can use a printRead More →