Quickie: FeldThoughts.com

I wasn’t planning on posting this, but since Brad made it public, I might as well.  FeldThoughts is a site I visit a few times a week.  One of few, so when the site design was radically altered (not for the better) I was a bit disappointed.  After I was able to filter out my irrational objections to change, I sent some annotated feedback to Brad.

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In short, the overall aesthetics are good.  The designer, J Cole Morrison has demonstrated some talent here for sure.  And while the enthusiasm in design is present, the focus is not.  I see this a lot.  Too much attention paid above the fold combined with other inefficiencies do not add up to a sum of their parts.  Great design is holistic.  See Jerry Colona’s blog for a masterful look at focus and branding.

  • Awesomely helpful comments. We are iterating.