Who the Jess?

I am Jess Bachman.  You can find out a lot about me from google.

There are three main themes to my life.


A self-taught Jess-of-all-trades designer,  I learn by doing.  I started designing posters for a friends band with a pirated version of Photoshop.  Then I did posters for other bands, hundreds of them.  Then data-viz posters and infographics, hundreds of them.  They were kinda popular.  After I helped Mint.com aquire millions of users I joined Visual.ly as Creative Director.  I take pride in being really good at all flavors of design though I am most at home among the many layers of Photoshop (legal copy!).

Take a look at my design audits and dissections of other sites.


I have always had a passion to create, for creations sake.  I started a business selling posters, then went on the Martha Stewart Show, sold thousands, and was published by Seth Godin.  I also designed and run MajorCommand, a strategic online strategy game.  I love all things marketing especially the intersection with design.

Family man

I’m 33 and have a bustling family with my wife Eva.  Forest is 6, Fable is 3, and Gavin is 14 (uhg).  It keeps me hopping for sure.  How do I get everything done with such a busy family life?  Don’t sleep of course!

Fun facts

  • I’ve wrestled John Cena several times
  • I enjoy shooting arrows.
  • Never took a class or read a book about design
  • Brother and father are veterans
  • Was a best selling author for two days
  • Have a hard time getting addicted to anything
  • Acted with John Krasinksi and B.J. Novak
  • Was a DJ/Turntablist and had a radio show
  • Have lived in MA,TX,ME, VT, LA, and DC
  • Had sushi and ice cream with Ben Cohen
  • Was bailed out of jail by a Walt Disney VP
  • Intern at a fake VC firm
  • Never had a good haircut
  • Always wears a hat


It’s best to email me.  Jess at byjess.net.  I am also on Twitter.


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  • Janhxs

    Are you going to update the Death & Taxes for 2013…..or should I buy the one that’s on Amazon for an Xmas present?  

    • Mr. Curious

      I as well  don’t want to buy the 2012 poster if a 2013 version will be released before Xmas.  However I’d imagine it being hard to release a 2013 Death & Taxes poster if the 2013 Federal Budget hasn’t even been passed by Congress yet. The Continuing Appropriations Resolution was just passed a couple of weeks ago in September ’12, but that only carries the federal budget until March 2013.  And at the rate Washington gets things done we won’t know the 2013 budget until 2014 . My best guess is that until Congress approves the Presidents 2013 budget we won’t see a 2013 Death & Taxes poster.

      I just came here looking for a status update on the 2013 Death & Taxes Poster. Jess if you’re reading this comment. How is the Continuing Appropriations Resolution affecting your progress with the 2013 Death & Taxes Poster?


      Jess how is the Continuing Appropriations Resolution affecting your progress with the 2013 Death & Taxes Poster?

      • Well, im not doing the poster anymore so it’s a bit moot, but the poster was always based on the presidents proposal submitted in February and not what was enacted in October.  If I am correct the proposals are still submitted as required by law, and if congress doesn’t get its act together, which they rarely do, budgets continue based on some formula.

    • I stopped doing the project, so there won’t be any more posters… sorry!

  • Mike Rathjen

    I loved the poster and kept it at work. It was quite the conversation piece.

    I wish you would reconsider and make a 2013 version, or at least give
    away or sell the project to someone else so it can continue on.