I am Jess Bachman.  You can find out a lot about me from google.

There are three main themes to my life.


A self-taught Jess-of-all-trades designer,  I learn by doing.  I started designing posters for a friends band with a pirated version of Photoshop.  Then I did posters for other bands, hundreds of them.  Then data-viz posters and infographics, hundreds of them.  They were kinda popular.  After I helped Mint.com aquire millions of users I joined Visual.ly as Creative Director.  I take pride in being really good at all flavors of design though I am most at home among the many layers of Photoshop (legal copy!).

Take a look at my design audits and dissections of other sites.


I have always had a passion to create, for creations sake.  I started a business selling posters, then went on the Martha Stewart Show, sold thousands, and was published by Seth Godin.  I also designed and run MajorCommand, a strategic online strategy game.  I love all things marketing especially the intersection with design.

Family man

I’m 33 and have a bustling family with my wife Eva.  Forest is 6, Fable is 3, and Gavin is 14 (uhg).  It keeps me hopping for sure.  How do I get everything done with such a busy family life?  Don’t sleep of course!

Fun facts

  • I’ve wrestled John Cena several times
  • I enjoy shooting arrows.
  • Never took a class or read a book about design
  • Brother and father are veterans
  • Was a best selling author for two days
  • Have a hard time getting addicted to anything
  • Acted with John Krasinksi and B.J. Novak
  • Was a DJ/Turntablist and had a radio show
  • Have lived in MA,TX,ME, VT, LA, and DC
  • Had sushi and ice cream with Ben Cohen
  • Was bailed out of jail by a Walt Disney VP
  • Intern at a fake VC firm
  • Never had a good haircut
  • Always wears a hat


It’s best to email me.  Jess at byjess.net.  I am also on Twitter.